Sing It Now ~ Songs Of Faith And Hope ~

by Eternal Moon posted Dec 18, 2016


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  ALBUM   Sing It Now ~ Songs Of Faith And Hope ~

Reba McEntire


Rockin' R Records


미국 정통 컨트리계의 대표 가수 리바 맥켄타이어가 전격 발매하는 크리스찬 앨범!

이번 CCM 앨범에는 오랜 친구이자 가족인 켈리 클락슨과 트리샤 이어우드가 함께 참여하였다.

01. Jesus Loves Me

02. Oh, How I Love Jesus

03. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder

04. Oh Happy Day

05. Amazing Grace

06. I'll Fly Away

07. In The Garden / Wonderful Peace (feat. The Isaacs)

08. Swing Low Sweet Chariot / Swing Down Chariot

09. How Great Thou Art

10. Softly And Tenderly (feat. Kelly Clarkson & Trisha Yearwood)

11. Sing It Now

12. Angels Singin'

13. God And My Girlfriends

14. Hallelujah, Amen

15. There Is A God

16. I Got The Lord On My Side

17. Back To God

18. Angel On My Shoulder

19. From The Inside Out

20. Say A Prayer


United States  /  Billboard Hot Christian Songs  ( 43위 )  2017/01/07